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Saturday WTF: Woman Raped While Boyfriend Slept

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In my Google Reader, this morning, from Jonathan Turley’s blog, comes a tale of a woman who was sexually assaulted, while she was asleep, in her own bed, while her boyfriend slept right beside her.

The WTF? moment comes after the victim wakes up and realizes that she is not having (otherwise, consensual) sex with her boyfriend, but with a complete stranger. I am dumb-founded by what transpires after the assailant leaves the room and the victim wakes up her boyfriend:

At that point, the victim woke the man who was sleeping in bed with her and asked him if he had seen Burbank. The man said he thought the intruder was a “drunken friend.”

via Woman Sexually Assaulted By Intruder While Asleep In Bed With Another Man.

WTF? Your girlfriend is being molested, in the bed that you are laying in, together, and you didn’t wrestle the guy because you thought he was a “drunken friend”? Is it typical for you to let your “friends” molest your girlfriends? WTF?

I hope, as this woman pursues the court case and goes through the recovery process*, that she decides to shed herself of that idiot!

*Full disclosure: I am a rape survivor.

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Another Tea Bagger Goes Off The Rails…

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…And, once again, shows the apparent, inherent Tea Bagger candidate, fear of talking to the media.

Security guards for Alaska senate candidate Joe Miller handcuffed and detained the editor of the online magazine “Alaska Dispatch” on Sunday while he tried to interview the Republican nominee, according to multiple reports.

via Joe Miller Security Guards Handcuff & Detain ‘Alaska Dispatch’ Editor.

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Your Sunday WTF?

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Being a rape survivor, I found this story disgusting and appalling, especially in light of the fact that in this case the victim is punished while the rapist (yes, convicted rapist) is allowed to continue his life apace!

Cheerleader Required to Cheer for Man Who Assaulted Her.

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