Seriously Looking and Not Taking Myself Too Seriously

February 25, 2011 DizzyDezzi

I mean, really, even I’m willing to admit that the minute some guy with nice arms and a genuine smile comes prancing in, even if my instinct tells me that he’s unavailable, I’m still gonna swoon. I’m still gonna imagine what it might be like to take him home and turn him into Baskins-Robbins.

Or maybe I’ll actually date the guy and I’ll be head over heels for about three months and then something will happen, the spark will die and/or he’ll just suddenly not text or call. Or he’ll be more into me than I am into him and I’ll have to literally file charges to get him to keep his distance.

Or maybe he’ll turn out to be gay and we’ll become BFFs and still never find “the one” while passing the time and commiserating over lemon meringue martinis on a warm summer night. (This one I wouldn’t mind, especially since I love lemon meringue martinis to death).

I recently read a quote somewhere that Taylor Swift ruined dating for the author because she set up all these unachievable examples of how to find true love (also noting that Ms. Swift is single, these days, as well). I admit that Taylor Swifts songs are so saccharine (albeit catchy) that they make me roll my eyes when I hear them. On the other hand, Britney Spears’ songs are catchy too and sexy, but they are also the extreme on the musical relationship dial; that is to say, that neither of their songs convey how actual relationships happen, but rather they convey (like all fiction should) the fantasy of how things could happen. Or, like I tell my kids, “these songs are fun to listen to, but they are not road maps, kids…”

The same goes for romantic comedies. There are far too many people that I run into (married and single), who believe that their love life will somehow work out like a romantic comedy. I realized that this was utter b.s. when I discovered that the wacky foibles that happen in real life are not as easy (or even cheap) to fix as they are in a 90 minute flick. Granted, I wish some things were possible, but trouble looks good on Justin Bateman because he’s a highly paid actor and I am never going to be able to do that “one thing” that Jennifer Aniston did in that movie because, well, you will never be able to pay me enough.

Seriously, I’m not looking for Prince Charming. I mean, really, when I see that visual, I think Prince Charles and his big ears and big nose and I’m totally turned off.

I’ll settle for a normal, every day, guy next door who might be a little wacky sometimes, but lives in the here and now and someone whom I can take seriously.

Besides, I would be lying if I said that I was SUCH an awesome catch that you need never worry about finding love with another…

Excuse me while I catch my breath from laughing so hard.

I wish I was THAT good. But, I’m just a woman that wants to be loved for who she is, warts and all. I very much desire for someone else to take me seriously enough to want to get to know my heart and mind, not just my body.

In the meantime, I’ll keep my wits and my sense of humor about me because if you can’t laugh, the other alternatives are tears or anger and this face is too pretty for all that drama.


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